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Feb 8 • Pro Fight Club with Loop Group Ace: SALLY BROOKS with Hollywood Babble On

Loop Grouping with Hollywood Babble On's SALLY BROOKS

THURSDAY, January 18, 7:00 pm

Media City Sound
12711 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

FIRST-TIME PROS: Fight Club is open exclusively to working V.O. pros. Please fill out this form before registering. (Once approved, you can sign up to play any time!)

Sally is a partner in the loop group: HOLLYWOOD BABBLE ON.  She has looped THOUSANDS of features, television shows & commercials: including ER, The West Wing, The OC, Rescue Me, Hart of Dixie, Chuck, Without A Trace, Leverage, and Parks and Rec.  A few of her current shows include: The Good Place, Grey’s Anatomy, Brooklyn Nine Nine, NCIS: Los Angeles, Modern Family, New Girl, Silicon Valley & A.P Bio, American Gods, and SOOOO much more!

Looping is a very specific skill set and like so much of V.O. the demands are getting even more!  Like so many aspects of our industry, all you hear is that you’ll never get into a loop group… but someone is doing this work.  And it’s fun!  If you want to be prepared, if someone ever asks you to join the party scene (or crowded subway, or shoppers in a mall), you need to come work with Sally!

Sally also covers voice matching for actors who can’t come back for their own looping... Sally is your 'go-to' for so many layers of VO. Of you want to learn more about these dark arts, book your place now!   

Sally Brooks is one of the gate keepers to the most secretive gig in town: come work with SALLY BROOKS