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Thurs, June 13 • SOLD OUT • Pro Fight Club Live with CBS Creative Director JJ JURGENS

The world of Promos is CHANGING! Networks are looking for all kinds of voices to reflect all kinds of TV... Come find out how YOU can fit in! 

J.J. Jurgens is VP, Creative Director for CBS Promotion & Marketing. She has worked on Emmy-nominated campaigns for CBS Daytime as well as primetime promotions for shows such as The Amazing Race, NCIS: Los Angeles and the Academy of Country Music Awards. J.J. is also a VO talent whose clients include Brighthouse Financial, MTV, Z Living, Disney, Marvel and more! She is also the creator/host of her own show and podcast, TomGirl.

In other words, JJ knows every side of the biz, and is seriously well-connected. She keeps busy writing, directing, performing, producing, and editing.

The V.O. Dojo Pro Fight Club

Media City Sound
12711 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604 (map)

7:00 – 10:00 pm

(Open exclusively to working pros with representation. First-time participants, please fill out this form to register.)

If you’re interested in Promos, JJ’s feedback will be invaluable!

See how decision-makers decide. Come play at Fight Club.