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July 16th • VIRTUAL Pro Fight Club with LA Promos Producer: KRYSTLE OPPENHEIMER


MONDAY, JULY 16th, 6:30 - 8.30 pm (PT)

via Zoom Conference Call

FIRST-TIME PROS: Fight Club is open exclusively to working V.O. pros. Please fill out this form before registering. (Once approved, you can sign up to play any time!)

Studio Execs spend almost as much money marketing their block busters, as making them.  So how can YOU be the voice of the next blockbuster action thriller? The next Disney animation sensation?

 Work with the best Producer who makes those promos! 

So thank your lucky Buddha that Krystle Oppenheimer from Buddha Jones is comes to set the pace at the next Virtual Fight Club!

Buddha Jones - one of the top PROMO/TRAILER HOUSES in the country.  And Krystle Oppenheimer has been a producer there for 12 years!

Krystle has been a major part of the creative teams - producing campaigns for big and small screen releases like:  Oceans 8, Bright, Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, Moana, Fist Fight, and Kong: Skull Island

She's won all sorts of awards, including three Key Art Awards for Best Overall Campaign (2011, 2012, 2014), and was recently nominated for a Golden Trailer award for Wonder Woman, and the 'Don Lafontaine Award for Best Voice-Over', for Ratchet and Clank.

Krystle is a rare combination of fun, easy going, but spot on when it comes to the subtleties of Promos & Trailers – the kind of lady we love to work with at Fight Club!

The movie trailer biz is one of THE most elusive to break into.  It’s no longer the “Voice of God”, ‘In a World…’  You need range and pathos and humor – and most importantly, you need to know how to deliver!  Hear all the ins and outs of creating the creative campaigns that make you dying to see that new movie!  And most importantly, find out what they are dying to hear from you!  

Want to be the best? Come play with the best!

MONDAY – July 16th at 6.30pm PST.

This is a VIRTUAL Pro Fight Club: we offer V.O. Pros much more than a work-out at the mic – this is an opportunity to meet industry decision makers: the people who hire us!  Not only to meet them, but to work with them in a small group, where you can ask questions, and find out what their process is for casting.  Come to step it up at Fight Club

So particularly if you’re not in LA – here’s your chance to work with an extraordinarily talented and experienced Feature Film & Top TV Promo Producer.

Grab your chance to be heard!  If you’re still waiting to get in the ring, you can always audit – that’s a great way to learn!

Grab this opportunity to work with a busy NYC Casting Director!