July 9 • Virtual Pro Fight Club with Video Game & Mocap Genius Richard Dorton

Video Game & Mocap Director RICHARD DORTON

SUNDAY, JULY 9, 7:00 pm*

via Zoom Conference Call

FIRST-TIME PROS: Fight Club is open exclusively to working V.O. pros. Please fill out this form before registering. (Once approved, you can sign up to play any time!)

Ready to be on the cutting edge of V.O? Video games, motion capture and VR is where everything is heading, and motion capture/video game Director Richard Dorton is leading the way!

Richard Dorton, aka Mocapman, is a veteran performance capture actor, director, stunt coordinator, producer, and casting director, with nearly 100 video games to his credit.  He’s been at this for 15 years, riding the wave of technology as the industry and processes change and evolve.

Using a diverse set of skills, from dance to weapons training, Richard has brought iconic characters such as Darth Vader and Conan to life.  He also uses his talent as a voice actor, working in all aspects of video games, feature films, trailers, and commercials as voiceover artist and stuntman, often performing as several different characters in the same scene! 

Richard has performed in Features such as: Tron, Spiderman, and Jack and the Giant Slayer.  He has performed in games like: Call of Duty, God of War 2 & 3, Star Wars: the Force Unleashed, Ghostbusters, Defiance, and Lost Planet 3.

There’s much more to Mocap than sticking dots on your face. It’s a precise, but intensely rewarding field that let’s you use your body as well as your voice, and it’s a growing trend in video games casting! If you want to add an edge to your skillset, you want to meet Richard!

*We’re trying something new this time – this Virtual Fight Club will be on SUNDAY evening, July 9th, at 7pm. Come explore the cutting edge of V.O!