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June 14 • Virtual Pro Fight Club • Promos with The CW's Harry Dunn


Open exclusively to working pros with representation. First-time participants, please fill out this form for approval before registering.

Senior Promo Producer HARRY DUNN from the CW is back!  And we’re going Virtual to include talent across the country. 

Harry is a Promo Heavyweight who is always looking for new talent!  He is in charge of campaigns from America’s Next Top Model to Jane the Virgin.

The CW is on the edge of the latest trends: including developing their audience at a time when traditional viewing is changing.  They are up on the latest ideas for promoting their channel.  Don’t YOU want to show Harry what you can do? 

Harry personally directs the talent behind those successful CW Campaigns, and gives the same attention to people in workshops, so if you want someone of this calibre giving you the specific advice and tips YOU need to be YOUR best, you need to join us for Virtual Fight Club!  

Harry has been in the promo/trailer side of the industry for 25 years, having worked with legends such as Don Lafontaine and Don Pardo, and great modern talent such as Rino Romano, Mike McColl, and Zack Fine. It is a real treat to have this amazingly talented man find time to come work with us — and an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in promos and trailers.  

This is a Virtual Fight Club - so you can be comfy and cosy at home — as long as you’re online, and in front of your computer at 7:00pm, June 14th, 2016.