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Mon, May 16 • Virtual Pro Fight Club • Pharmaceutical V.O. with Adam Heibeler & Jeff Goodnow

Pharmaceutical V.O. with Adam Heibeler & Jeff Goodnow


7:00 – 9:00pm

via Zoom Teleconference
10 Player Limit

(Link sent after registration)


Open exclusively to working pros with representation. First-time participants, please contact Tish before registering.

If you are interested in AUDITING, email where you are on your VO journey, where you are in the country, and a little about yourself to Maggie Walsh at with VFC AUDIT REQUEST as the subject line. 

Currently enrolled Dojo Members (M2M Full, M2M Virtual, and M2M Basic) can audit for free! Email Maggie for the link.

ADAM HEIBELER, is an award-winning copywriter at RAPP Worldwide's office in Chicago. From diabetes to ED, Adam has pretty much tackled the "voice" of pharma writing from all angles. He currently oversees digital writing duties for VIAGRA and HARVONI — but we assure you the session will not last longer than 4 hours...

JEFF GOODNOW*. is currently a Freelance producer at ANOMALY | NY. He and Adam met working together at RAPP, where was Executive Producer then Director of Broadcast Production, before decided to get back out in the world and make things hands on.

Adam and Jeff have their fingers on the pulse of the new ways advertising is being integrated and are experts in this particular genre!

Ask your doctor if Pharmaceutical voiceover is for you! Then grab your spot! You can join us from wherever you are via Zoom conference call.

*Fight Club decision makers are working pros… There is a chance Jeff maybe have to do a shoot, but fingers crossed he will be able to join us!

If you have any questions, Email Maggie. You can also call or text her: 310.502.6239.