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Thu, March 10 • Voiceover to the Powers of Ten • Online Workshop

Anyone can pick up a piece of copy and read it. 

But a truly experienced voiceover person can pick up that same piece of copy and instantly recognize and bring to life layers and layers of nuance that make the piece resonate on many levels all at once.

Come explore the exponential power of your voice - from the universal to the molecular - and play with a new paradigm for analyzing your copy that can take your work both higher and deeper to the next level!

This webinar is for you, if you:

  • Have started on your VO journey with basic training and want to have a simple framework to open up new ways of analyzing copy as you build your skills.
  • Are already down the VO road, with your demo ready, and want to jump into the working pro world with a dimensionality to your reads that will make you sound and feel like you've been in the game for years.
  • Are working in the VO world and want to open up your work to an expanded perspective, shake off any stagnant old ways that aren't working anymore, get some invigorating new tools in the tool box.

Tish has shared this workshop at the Don La Fontaine Lab in Los Angeles to great response and is very excited to be making it available to you, wherever you are!

Thursday, March 10

9:00-11:00 am PST


(The webinar will be recorded if you can't make it live!)

Here's what some folks have to share:

"Based on your direction and the questions you asked regarding my connection to the script, I felt I released the need to TELL my story and instead learned to LET my voice be heard, and I became vulnerable, open, and stayed in my truth, and it's when we speak from our truth, that's that place of mastery where it becomes effortless, the heart shares and the listener loves to listen. "

"That was like calculus of the soul!"

"Tish, That was sensational last night! Thank you for your vibrancy and magnificent VO acumen. Fantastic evening."

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