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Mon, Feb 1 • Virtual Pro Fight Club • Commercial VO with Regan Kline and Mariana Perin



We launch the Virtual Fight Club with an amazing husband and wife team Regan Kline and Mariana Perin!

REGAN KILNE (Associate Creative Director at Tisser & Kline, 72 and Sunny, Havas Worldwide) is a University of Texas alum, and has spent the last 12 years using his brain to manipulate the world in the name of capitalism. He's crafted (occasionally) award-winning work for such brands as Allstate Insurance, Anheuser-Busch, Reynolds/Hefty, Kraft Foods, and Hornitos Tequila. When he’s not influencing the zeitgeist of the moment, he dabbles in screenwriting, and has published a book of his travels. He spends his spare time smoking meat, fly fishing, sharpening his backcountry survival skills (outside - in the back country), hanging out with his lovely new wife, and on occasion, fast-forwarding through forgettable commercials. 

MARIANA PERIN (Producer at Deutsch LA, Havas Worldwide) studied television production and film aesthetics at Oakland University in Michigan. She worked as director and editor for a variety of projects until landing in the Chicago advertising industry as a broadcast producer, where she worked at several creatively renowned agencies including Leo Burnett, Energy BBDO, and Havas. Mariana's produced multi-million dollar campaigns for Allstate, Michelob Ultra, Re/Max and Alka-Seltzer. In 2015, she moved to LA with her husband and currently works at Deutsch, whose clients include Target, Pizza Hut, Sprint, Taco Bell, 7UP and Dr. Pepper.  

Come step into the ring, and find out what the professionals who write, produce and cast commercials are looking for! Ask all the questions you can think of, and get great advice on how YOU can be even more impressive than you already are! Fight Club is for serious players – come get in the ring! 

Monday, February 1
7:30 - 9:30 PST

We will be meeting on Zoom conference call.

We will be limiting this first one to only 8 players.

Open exclusively to working pros with representation. First-time participants, please contact Tish before registering.


FIRST RULE OF VIRTUAL FIGHT CLUB:  It is for seriously working pros ONLY (demo, represented and booking). The caliber is high so we all get the best out of each other and for the kick-ass decision makers that come to join us. Serious up-and-comers who do not yet qualify can grab a seat to AUDIT.

SECOND RULE OF VIRTUAL FIGHT CLUB: It is a fiercely friendly face-off that turns the audition process transparent form both sides of the glass. After a little time socializing (to combat the fact that we all mostly work alone in our closets) we meet the decision makers and then come together to deconstruct what happens when you send in an audition. Each player does two takes with minimum notes. After everyone has read, the decision makers give each player individual feedback and then indicate who would have been put in the "A" pile or gotten a call back. Then everyone goes in to do another round with one-on-one adjustments. The decision makers then choose who they would “hire” and explain why.  Then all talk shop and ask about things we don’t get to when we are in a session.

THIRD RULE OF VIRTUAL FIGHT CLUB: Since we are virtual, shirts are required, but pants are optional. If you want to set up in your booth, that is great. But just on your laptop is fine and dandy as well.


If you are interested in PLAYING in this inaugural virtual session, email a link to your demo, representation, where you are at, a little about yourself and your recent credits to Tish at with VFC PLAYER REQUEST as the subject line.

LA Fight Club veterans, you are welcome to come play and show 'em how it’s done. You can sign up below.

If you are interested in AUDITING, email where you are on your VO journey, where you are in the country, and a little about yourself to Maggie Walsh at with VFC AUDIT REQUEST as the subject line. Once we’ve touched base and you are approved, you can sign up online to hold your spot.

Currently enrolled Dojo Members (M2M Full, M2M Virtual, and M2M Basic) can audit for free! Email Maggie for the link.

LAST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB: Talk about Fight Club . . . but only with other super-cool, top-notch working pros you’d like to be inspired and challenged by who you think might like to play. And super-cool, dead-serious up-and-comers who would like to audit.