V.O. Dojo Pro Fight Club


A pro workout and workshop with the INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS who do the hiring. Show them you’ve got the goods, then see who gets chosen — and why

V.O. Dojo Pro Fight Club makes the audition process completely transparent – on both sides of the glass. 

What do working voiceover pros need?

High-Caliber Networking
Live Pro Fight Clubs start with a wine and cheese reception, where you can meet other working V.O. professionals from a variety of agencies!

High-Caliber Experience
Whether Live or Virtual, each Pro Fight Club features a guest director who is an industry decision-maker (creative director, copywriter, animation director, etc.). Each participant gets multiple takes, with individual feedback from the decision-maker, revealing the process of audition and callback. Everyone's a winner, but one voice is chosen.*

High Caliber Connection
Get to know the agencies and decision-makers who can hire us!

Live Fight Club Location:

4201 W Burbank Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505
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Entrance is through the back of the building - and there is plenty of street parking!

*DISCLAIMER: All our classes and events are strictly learning experiences. They are NOT an audition or employment opportunity. Industry pro guests are not expected to take home or otherwise access your demo or any other promotional materials. AGAIN: The presence of an industry professional is in no way a promise of employment, and The V.O. Dojo does not promise to procure employment for any participant.


Take a look inside a V.O. Dojo Pro Fight Club session!


Join us LIFE, Thursday, November 8th, 7.00-10.00 pm.

What does Disney do when Mickey is busy? They hire a voice double! And by “they” we mean RENEE JOHNSON - Creative Director at Disney Character Voices-The Walt Disney Company! 

Renée has been a voice director, dialogue writer/editor, and Creative Director with Disney Character Voices since 2002. She KNOWS animation and what the creatives are looking for in Disney talent.  She works on interactive games like Kingdom Hearts and Disney Infinity series, as well as theme park shows, ice shows, apps, toys, etc. 

Basically, if it’s Disney and it talks, there’s a good chance she had something to do with it. 

For this workout, Renée will focus on a key aspect of much of her directing: voice matching:

  • How do you recreate a voice and be authentic to a character that already exists?

  • What is she listening for in a voice-matching audition?

  • What are some of the tricks actors have taught her about what helps them recreate a voice?

Come hear the best tips for bringing out your best Mickey, Mini, Daffy or Donald… and how to actually get that kind of work if you want it.  More than that, working with Renee Johnson is just a heck of a lot of FUN! 

When Renee Johnson came to Fight Club last year, it filled up fast – book your place now!  


*** Renee will chose a different character for each player.  

- Once you reserve your place, send your animation or commercial demo to Adele Kuforiji (jvodojo@gmail.com), as well as a list of any double work you’ve done.  

We’ll send you the copy in advance of the event, to work on… Then be prepared to have a blast!

Working pros (demo, repped, and booking) grab your spot to PLAY!

FIRST RULE OF VIRTUAL FIGHT CLUB: It is a fiercely friendly face off that turns the audition process transparent form both sides of the glass. We meet each other, we meet the Decision Makers and then come together to deconstruct what happens when you send in an audition… come prepared to be your professional best!

How to Sign Up:

FIRST-TIME PROS: Fight Club is open exclusively to working V.O. pros. Please fill out this form before registering. (Once approved, you can sign up to play any time!)

Fight Club VETERANS, you are welcome to come play and show em how it’s done:) You can sign yourself up above.

Currently enrolled Dojo Members (M2M Full, M2M Virtual, and M2M Basic) can audit for free! Email Maggie for the link magswalsh11@gmail.com

LAST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB: Talk about Fight Club…. but only other super cool top notch Working Pros you’d like to be inspired and challenged by who you think might like to play. And super cool dead serious up and comers who would like to audit.

Let Maggie know if you have any questions!

magswalsh11@gmail.com. (310.502.6239)

And yes - you can call if you have a question - or text!


This is a Virtual Pro Fight Club: – this is an opportunity to meet industry decision makers: the people who hire us!  Not only to meet them, but to work with them in a small group, where you can ask questions, and find out what their process is for casting.  Come to step it up at Fight Club!


If you are interested in AUDITING, email where you are on your VO journey, where you are in the country and a little about yourself to Maggie Walsh at magswalsh11@gmail.com with VFC AUDIT REQUEST as the subject line.

Once we’ve touched base and you are approved you can sign up on line to hold your spot!

Pro Fight Club Guest Decision Makers

Jun 2016 Harry Dunn Senior Producer, The CW
May 2016 Krystle Oppenheimer VP of Production, Buddha Jones Trailers
May 2016 Adam Heibeler & Jeff Goodnow Pharmaceutical copywriting, production for RAPP Worldwide
Apr 2016 Erika Dobrin, Ed Lavelle, Martin Soole Partners - Beyond Reality Entertainment
Mar 2016 Mark Pinsker Executive Producer, Head of Production and Special Projects - DG Entertainment
Mar 2016 Chris Bailey Animation Director (Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem)
Feb 2016 Patrick Trenttenero Promo Producer, NBC Universal
Feb 2016 Regan Kline
& Mariana Perin
Creative Director & Producer - Tisser & Kline, Deutsch LA, Leo Burnett, 72 & Sunny, Havas Worldwide
Jan 2016 Shannon Reed Nickelodeon - Emmy Award-Winning Casting Director for Spongebob Squarepants, The Legend of Korra, The Fairly Oddparents, Harvey Beaks
Oct 2015 Swampy Marsh Disney Animation - Producer, Director, Co-Creator of Disney's Phineas & Ferb and Mikey Murphy's Law
Nov 2015 Sonya Gay Bourn Reality Television Producer
Oct 2015 Chris Bailey Director & Animation Supervisor - Disney
Oct 2015 Harry Dunn Senior Producer, The CW
Oct 2015 Ezra Weisz VO Actor, Casting Director, Anime/ADR Specialist
June 2015 Dan Povenmire Disney Animation - Producer, Director, Illustrator, Actor, Co-Creator of Phineas & Ferb
June 2015 Jamie Mortellaro Award-Winning Video Game Director
May 2015 Sonya Gay Bourn Reality Television Producer
Apr 2015 Kristi Reed Writer, Casting Director & Producer - Cartoon Network & Bang! Zoom! Entertainment
Apr 2015 Kashina Kessler Award-Winning Documentarian
Mar 2015 Krystle Oppenheimer VP of Production, Buddha Jones Trailers
Feb 2015 Dana Markee
Sybil Hadfield
Romy Flint
Freelance Creative Director
Freelance Senior Producer
Freelance Marketing Executive
Dec 2014 Dan Povenmire Disney Animation - Producer, Director, Illustrator, Actor, Co-Creator of Phineas & Ferb
Oct 2014 Jeremy Hall Dialogue Specialist, Video Game Casting & Voice Director – EA, Insomniac Games
Sep 2014 Bé Garrett Executive Broadcast Produder, Various Agencies
May 2014 Kristi Reed Casting & Voice Director, Cartoon Network & Bang Zoom! Entertainment
May 2014 Maryam Myika Day TV/Digital Producer
Mar 2014 Everett Oliver Voice/Casting Director & Booth Director, AVO Talent
Feb 2014 Dana Markee Creative Director, TBWA\Chiat\Day
Jan 2014 Ezra Weisz VO Actor, Casting Director, Anime/ADR Specialist
Nov 2013 Sonya Gay Bourn Partner/Executive Producer, Bourn-Murphy LLC
Oct 2013 Jamie Mortellaro Video Game Director
Sep 2013 Audu Paden Sr. Director of Entertainment Development, Mattell
Aug 2013 Sybil Hadfield Freelance Digital and Interactive Agency Producer
Jul 2013 Wes Gleeson Booth Director, WME / Video Game Director
Jun 2013 Robert Fagen Creative Producer, 42 Entertainment
May 2013 Dave Henneken Creative Director, Ogilvy Chicago
Apr 2013 Greg Collins Freelance Creative Director & Copywriter
Mar 2013 Dana Markee Creative Director, TBWA\Chiat\Day
Feb 2013 Matt Barber Associate Creative Director, Havas Worldwide Chicago
Jan 2013 Regan Kline Assistant Creative Director & Copywriter, Leo Burnett
Dec 2012 Tony Rogers Creative Director, Leo Burnett
Nov 2012 William Mericle Creative Director, Havas Worldwide Chicago

Best. Voiceover. Workshop. Ever.

"Best. Voiceover. Workshop. EVER. – last night at the V.O. Dojo!!! This new 'Fight Club' workshop created by Tish Hicks is cool. Check it out, and stay thirsty, my friends."


 -Ed Cunningham
Voice Actor

I get so much out of each Fight Club... Well worth the price!

"Pro Fight Club is a GREAT place for working pros to "workout" their voice muscles and work with decision makers in the industry. I get so much out of each Fight Club! Well worth the price. Not only do you get to see what other pros do with the copy, but you get personalized feedback on your own! Love it."


-Matt Corboy
Voice Actor

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