M2M Assignments – Week 10 • Nov 11-17

Yellow Belt

MEN - ANIMATION (Choose 1 Character – Due Friday @ noon) 

Robbie V
Ooey Gablooey
Mud Hogs Harry
Z.E.R.O. Bouncy King

WOMEN - ANIMATION (Choose 1 Character – Due Friday @ noon) 

Marlene the Otter
Mrs. Cohenberg
Susie Sunshine

Green Belt
(Choose two. Due Tuesday and Friday by noon.)

UPS-CEO (Mike or Shauna)
KFC-Family (F: Mom & Daughter / M: Dad & Son) 

Blue Belt

Howdy Neighbor (Due Tue @ noon)
UPS Store Doer (Alex or Nick or Anncr) – (Due Thu @ noon) 
University Hospital – VO – (Due Fri @ noon) 

Brown Belt
(Please record and submit all four assignments below. You will receive feedback on three of the four spots. It's recommended (but not required) that you complete self-assessments for all four assignments.) 

Starbucks VO (Due Tue @ noon)
Vitaminwater (Due Wed @ noon)
Home Depot (M: Anncr & Husband / F: Wife) – (Due Thu @ noon) 
The Hartford (Due Fri @ noon) 

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