M2M Assignments – Week 9 • Nov 4- 10

Yellow Belt
(Due Friday by noon.)

Doors Open

Green Belt
(Choose two. Due Tuesday and Friday by noon.)

Conoco Anncr
Southwest Anthem
True Value (Record all three spots)

Blue Belt

Bud Light - Choose one (due Tuesday at noon) 
Visa Currency (due Thursday at noon) 
Volatile Job Market Offer (due Friday at noon) 

Brown Belt
(Please record and submit all four assignments below. You will receive feedback on three of the four spots. It's recommended (but not required) that you complete self-assessments for all four assignments.) 

Female - Walmart Own the Season VO (due Tuesday at noon) 
Male - NASCAR (due Tuesday at noon) 
Smoke Free Oregon (due Wednesday at noon)
Toyota Tundra Reveal (due Thursday at noon) 
Fox Radio Comedy Promo [Please read ALL lines in CAPS] (due Friday at noon) 

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